Lunch Special

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Monday - Friday
Menu Items and Prices are for Individual Guests

Today's Fresh Selection

Paneer Matar (Homemade Indian Cheese and Green Peas)
Palak Alu (Spinach and Potatoes)
Mixed Vegetable Curry ( Seasoned Mixed Veggies)
Channa Masala (Chickpea Curry)
Baigan Bhartha (Roasted Eggplant)
Daal Tarka (Yellow Lentils)
Butter Chicken (Previously Chicken Makhani)
Chicken Curry (Chicken cooked in spices)
Chicken Tikka (Boneless Chicken cooked in the Tandoor)

Premium Selection
Lamb Palak (Lamb cooked with Spinach) - Add $2.00
Lamb Korma (Lamb cooked in a Creamy Yogurt Sauce) - Add $2.00

All Lunch Specials are served with:
Pilaf Rice ~and~ Naan
Extra Rice/Naan - Add $1.00